RELX Classic vs. RELX Infinity: Which Should You Choose?

Our new device, the RELX Infinity, has officially launched! Let’s take a comparison between our first generation device, the RELX Classic, and our most recent innovation, the RELX Infinity. 
First: Functional Design
Classic is a closed-system vape with a sleek and minimalistic design. The finish of this device is a smooth aluminum alloy, which also keeps the device very lightweight. The indicator light is in the shape of a raindrop. To charge the Classic, just plug in a micro-usb cable. 
The Infinity device, which was recently bestowed the Red Dot Design Award, is a unibody vape with a premium design. The finish is a metallic aluminum alloy and is satin smooth. The LED indicator is a light ring, which delivers an extra layer of texture to the design. To charge the device, there are two methods: simply plug in with the Type-C charger or the pogo-pin, which lets you charge your device wirelessly with compatible Infinity accessories. 
  • RELX Classic review: minimalistic design, aluminum alloy, micro-usb charging, and raindrop LED. 

  • RELX Infinity review: Unibody vape, Red Dot Design, aluminum alloy, Type-C charging, optional wireless charging accessories, and light ring LED.


RELX Classic
RELX Classic
Second: The Pod Connection
When it is time to switch pods, Classic keeps in simple. Just swap out the pod when you want a new flavor or when your pod is empty and the magnets will instantly secure each pod.   
For Infinity, the pod connection is more intuitive and changing a pod is a seamless experience. When you switch out the pods, the magnets will secure the pod with a subtle click, the device will provide vibration feedback to confirm the connection and the indicator light will flash once. Infinity pods are symmetrical, so swapping pods has never been easier.  
  • RELX Classic review: Instant connection without any alerts.

  • RELX Infinity review: Symmetrical pods, seamless connection, vibration feedback and a LED indication of the successful connection.

Third: The Inhalation Experience
When you vape, the device will inform you that it senses you’re inhaling. For Classic, when you inhale, the raindrop LED lights up with each puff. Easy and simple.
For Infinity, as you inhale, the light ring glows. An added feature of Infinity is the Smart Pace alerts. When you vape 15 puffs within 15 minutes, you will feel the vibration feedback. This feature will help you monitor your vape usage.
  • RELX Classic review: The raindrop LED lights up with every inhale.

  • RELX Infinity review: The light ring LED glows as you inhale and provides Smart Pace alerts after 15 puffs within 15 minutes.

Fourth: The Availability of Flavors and Colors
Since Classic was our first generation device, there is an abundance of available flavors. With over 20 flavors,* surely you can find something you like and perhaps find a new favorite! Also, for RELX Classic, there are 11 device color options with some gradient shades too!*  
For Infinity, we offer 9 well-selected flavor options based on our best-selling flavors* (more coming soon!) You can find which flavor you like, from Rich Tobacco to Garden’s Heart. As for the device colors, you can find 5 unique shades* as well as some optional accessories to complement your device.
  • RELX Classic review: 20+ flavors, 11 device colors including some gradients colors.*

  • RELX Infinity review: 9 best-selling flavors (more coming soon!), 5 device colors, unique accessories.*


RELX Infinity and Charging Case
RELX Infinity Wireless Charging Cases
Finally: Leak Resistance  
Leakage is a common issue with vaping devices, but with RELX devices, this is something you can worry less about. The Classic uses RELX Pods which have double layer loop design to help resist leakage. 
The Infinity device uses our new RELX Pods Pro. These next-generation pods use 11 layers and a maze-like structure to trap condensation and e-liquid from leaking. These leak-resistant pods keep your device and belongings clean. 
  • RELX Classic review: Double layer loop design to trap leakage.

  • RELX Infinity review: Advanced 11 layer design to trap leakage and condensation in the maze-like structure.


RELX Leak-resistant Technology
RELX Infinity Vape Pen Device
How to Choose: Classic or Infinity? 
Now that we have reviewed both the RELX Classic and RELX Infinity, perhaps you are still wondering which device is best for you? Both devices offer the RELX Super Smooth™ experience and are a perfect option for people who are new to vaping as well as vape users who are looking for a new device. 
Final Review:
RELX Classic is our first generation device with a minimalistic design. You can choose between many device colors and over 20+ flavors.* RELX Classic also comes in our Starter-Kits and for one price, you get the device with 1 pod. 
RELX Infinity is our newest device with many features and some helpful accessories like the charging case and charging dock. For Infinity you can choose from 9 best-selling flavors and 5 device colors (more coming soon!) Infinity also uses the advanced RELX Pods Pro which resists leakage using 11 layers and a maze-like structure to trap any e-liquid and condensation. Infinity also includes the Smart Pace vibration alert to help you keep track of your vaping sessions.
It’s up to you: RELX Classic or RELX Infinity 
RELX Infinity vs RELX Classic
RELX Infinity vs RELX Classic
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